Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daily Thoughts 10/10/2013

L. Block (1848-1901), In A Library We Are Surrounded by Friends

Daily Thoughts 10/10/2013

I spent a little time this morning checking the library Twitter and Facebook.

I have started reading The Outer Limits of Reason by Noson Yanofsky. Right now I am reading about different logical paradoxes like Zeno's paradox and the classic Liars paradox which revolves around statements like "this statement is a lie".

I ordered a few books from patron requests. Sometimes there are interesting things which people want like how to write than you notes, how to get published, or start in the music business.

I also made a few phone calls about different programs.

I am spending a little time looking at Overdrive Advantage. I have been working with my colleagues from the children's department and the teen department on the ordering process.

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