Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daily Thoughts 10/12/2013

Daily Thoughts 10/12/2013

This morning, I read some more of Bleeding Edgeby Thomas Pynchon. It is very much a book about the excesses of the 1990s after the dot com bubble broke. Thomas Pynchon includes the lyrics for a number of songs in the novel. He even has a karaoke bar scene where characters sing different songs.

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library. The library is closed on Columbus Day, October 14, 2013. I also checked the displays. I have to change some of them. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. It is almost holiday time. During the holidays we bring out the holiday books and music.

I spent a little more time discussing the databases this morning. We have two computers next to the public access computers dedicated to databases. When I help people with these, I usually email the articles to them, it is easier than printing. We have a bilingual Spanish/English Fundamentals of Computers Class this morning.

I did a little bit of shifting in the oversize section today as well.

I also spent a little more time discussing Overdrive Advantage with my colleagues. We were discussing different places to get reviews for E-books. Horn Book reviews apps for Ipad-- App Review of the Week

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