Monday, March 31, 2014

Daily Thoughts 03/31/2014

Woman reading, about 1890 National Media Museum - Kodak Gallery Collection

Daily Thoughts 03/31/2014

I checked the library social media this morning.  The trains were messy again this morning.  There was a mechanical breakdown on a train in the tunnels so it took a while for me to get to work.

I spent some time shifting oversize books to a new location.  We are replacing some oversize library shelving.  I also placed an order for new books this afternoon. I also checked the displays and the gift books.  We are waiting for some books to do a display of books on autism.

I spent a little time discussing computer troubleshooting with a colleague.  Today has been a quiet day.  This made things pleasant.  It gave me a little time to think about the upcoming library vote.

On the way home, I read Michelle Obama An American Story by David Colbert. This book is a very clean, straightforward story.  It reads like a campaign piece for the 2008 elections.  There were a few interesting things that were in the book like Michelle Obama's Gullah heritage and her going to a magnet school in Chicago designed to increase diversity and opportunity.  Michelle Obama's schooling reminded me a little bit of Sonia Sotomayor's description of her schooling.  But, mostly it was a very positive story of a successful, focused woman.

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