Saturday, July 4, 2015

Daily Thoughts 07/04/2015

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"Banish lonely hours in camp! Help provide libraries filled with books for soldiers A million dollars for a million books for a million men--Leave your money at the public library or at any bank. The Library War Council - appointed by the War Department through the American Library Association - is raising one million dollars during Camp Library Week, Sept. 24-30, to build and maintain a library at every training camp and cantonment for soldiers, sailors and airmen, at home and abroad. Massachusetts Library War Council.", 1917

Daily Thoughts 07/04/2015

Happy 4th of July.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for library.  I also looked up some information on library marketing and library market research.

I have been reading more of The Unincorporated Man.  The book is quite intellectual.  It takes the trope of every person being an individual corporation to a new level and adds some new twists.  The story is about decisions which people make.  It is not a violent story, it is more about personal strategy.  The book takes corporatism to an endpoint where every aspect of life is controlled by corporations.

I am reading more of Inequality What Can Be Done.  I learned that Google does not hire based on GPA.  Soft skills like motivation, empathy, and self control are not measured by educational testing.  This says something about technology and how people are hired now.  This matches with the idea that jobs which require human skills, social perceptiveness, negotiation, persuasion and originality are going to be less prone to replacement by algorithms and automation.

I have been reading more of The Mindful Way Through Stress.  There is a reminder that thoughts are just thoughts and can be changed.

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