Monday, June 15, 2020

Daily Thoughts 06/15/2020

File:Interior work - construction of the main reading room (NYPL b11524053-489664).tiff
Interior Work: Construction of the Main Reading Room, NYPL, 1907

Daily Thoughts 06/15/2020

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook Group this morning.

I ordered some new books today.

I spent a little time working on construction grants.  People are working on the inside of the building fixing the water damage to the building.

I looked up some information for the census today.

I read a few poems on Zoom today.

I also started watching Episode 1 of Chemistry and Our Universe on Kanopy.

I started reading Laguardia which is science fiction graphic novel written by Nnedi Okorafor.

I am following the Library Trustee Election very closely.  It looks like there will be some contested issues coming up.

Web Bits

Being Undercounted in the US Census Costs Minority Communities Millions of Dollars

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