Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin and the Library Books

Palin and the Library Books

Library Journal finally reveals what the book may have been that Palin objected to, Pastor, I am Gay. You couldn't think of a more provocative title than this one. It is kind like setting a match to a firecracker.

On many levels this is quite upsetting to me. There are a lot of potential issues. Separation of church and state, gay rights, censorship, and intellectual freedom are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also questions of freedom of government information. I would like to know what really happened. Palin has a record of tight secrecy.

I think this is a story which will grow and grow and grow because it was not dealt with immediately. The story has spread to various gay groups which makes it truly strange. This is not a story you could have made up in a novel. At first it seemed like a minor issue, but now it has become something else.

The more the issue grows the more it becomes a liability to my profession. Initially, the American Library Association tried to stay out of the political discussion. I am not sure it will be possible to do this for much longer. I also think it may effect public libraries funding stream on a national level because it is effecting the election.

Watching this election and listening to it is the equivalent of stepping into another universe. I have seen some of the worst aspects of American character come out. Sometimes I wish I had a reset button so I could hit it and the candidates could say something completely different than what they are saying right now.

What makes this really interesting is that September 23-28 is banned books week and libraries, publishers, and book people are going to be celebrating banned or censored books. Knowing the way librarians act, this could lead to some very interesting protests or confrontations. I think the full details will come out around then.


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