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Daily Thoughts 6/8/2009

Portrait of Rudyard Kipling by John Palmer.

Daily Thoughts 6/8/2009

I am sitting at my local library. I stopped by to pick up a book to read in the laundromat. I picked up Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson, M.D., he is the author of Who Moved My Cheese which is appropriate reading for a laundromat. The librarian signed me up for the adult summer reading book club and a raffle to win a digital picture frame. I also had a chance to check my email. I should be heading out to the laundromat now.

Peaks and Valleys was an entertaining, but lightweight allegory. It was a way to pass time at the laundromat. It took me about an hour to read while I was at the laundromat. I read it during the wash and dry cycle. It was about the highs and lows of life. The books premise is that you should stay focused on reality and try to make your good times last longer than your bad times. It was a feel good book with a positive, happy message. It was a pleasant break from every day things. It is the kind of book which you read if you want to feel good for a while.

This afternoon, I finished reading In The Stormy Red Sky on my computer. I don't mind reading on the computer. I have a fairly large size screen and have gotten used to reading on it. I did not really feel any eye strain and did not miss holding the book in my hand. I think I am getting used to reading things on a personal computer. I still am not sure how I will feel about reading on a device like an Iphone or a Kindle.

It looks like we will be on the Random House list to be sent advanced reading copies for my library. I am looking forward to getting an advanced reading copy of Bill Willingham's Peter and Max. It is the first novelization of the Fable graphic novel.

Web Bits

Authors@Google videos, I have watched many of them. They are embeddable in websites and can be quite interesting.

A list of bookstores from Independent Booksellers of New York City.

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