Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daily Thoughts 5/11/2011 (Better World Books)

Interior of Mssrs. Leavitt & Delissier's Sales Room, Broadway, New York. Men at book sale of business run by George Ayres Leavitt, publisher and book seller, New York. Collection of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Divsion, Washington, D.C. 5 April 1856

Daily Thoughts 5/11/2011

I read some more of James Joyce, A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man on the train to work today.  I like his description of the priests talk of heaven and hell.  It is very deeply moving.

Most of this morning has been spent checking on the packing project for Better World Books.  I have to check on things because people are packing books while I am doing other things.  So far we have over seventy cartons of books.  I found a few things which went into the planned book sale.  The Friends of the Library are planning a book sale on June 9 and June 10.

I also had a few minutes to check on the Twitter account this morning.

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