Monday, May 2, 2011

Daily Thoughts 5/2/2011 (all the lives he lived)

Photographie du buste d'Emile Zola, lors de son inauguration à la Bibliotheque Mejanes, 1906.

Daily Thoughts 5/2/2011

This morning I read a little bit more of All The Lives He Lived.  In addition to working near  Mount Vesuvius, the main character is constantly reminded of the endless threats of terrorism from dozens of different causes in the near future.  It gives the book a kind of dark edge.

Today has been another quiet day.  I looked up books on Osama Bin Laden to put on our current events display.  I also changed the poetry display to a display on gardening.  We just started the process of setting up for planting this weekend on the second avenue side of our building.

I also checked the Twitter account and printed up some more surveys for the library this morning.  We should be putting up another set of photographs from the local history room soon.  We also have been discussing how to better track our website and make it easier to use.

We also received the books from the Distributiont to Underserved Communities Library Program,  I am hoping to display some of them a bit later this month.

Ten new images have been added to the historic images of the Mount Vernon Public Lirbary on the website.

The April 25, 2011 Publishers Weekly covers Book Expo America.  I am looking forward to going.

This evening, I finished reading All The Lives He Lived by Frederik Pohl.  It is one of the darkest novels I have ever read.  Every chapter has some kind of atrocity happening.  It does not portray the human race in a good light.  At the same time it is fascinating in its morbidity and frankness.  I liked reading it, but I think it contains some dystopic material that may not be to many readers taste.

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