Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Thoughts 5/26/2011 (Book Expo America, Creators of the Superheroes)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, La Lecture du rôle, between 1874 and 1876

Daily Thoughts 5/26/2011

I am back to work after Book Expo America.  I had to miss the last day which is a bit of a disappointment, but am glad to be back.  I brought some of the books from the show to be added to our collection.  I also checked the displays, updated the Twitter account, tabulated a few more surveys, and made sure things were in good order.

Two books came in for me to read, Bottled Lightning, Superbatteries Electric Cars and the New Lithium Economy by Seth Fletcher and Moonwalking With Einstein The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer.

On the way home, I finished reading The Creators of the Superheroes by Thomas Andrae.  I especially liked the section on Will Eisner.  Will Eisner from the beginning wanted to create comic books for an adult audience.  He is credited with creating the first graphic novel, A Contract with God, but before that he wrote training manuals in comic book form for the army. This book is truly excellent and is very nicely illustrated.

I also started reading Bottled Lightning on the way home.

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