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Daily Thoughts 02/26/2012

La myope (The short-sighted woman). Signed and dated AStevens.1903, oil on canvas, 41 x 33 cm

Daily Thoughts 02/26/2012

I spent a few minutes this morning on I am finding it very entertaining.   I also updated the Twitter and Facebook account for the library.

I bought a copy of What Color Is Your Parachute? Guide to Job Hunting Online, 6th Edition and downloaded it to my Kindle for PC program on my desktop.  It should help me focus a little bit better.

I also spent some time updating my Linked In contacts.  I have to work on expanding my contacts list.

I have been steadily reading more of What Color Is Your Parachute?  Guide to Job Hunting Online  I have been taking various assessments. Most of them say that I should be a librarian.  Some say I should be a designer.  I rather like design, especially typography.  I don't understand it that well, but I like it.  Book design interests me.  Maybe there is a nice crossover.  Rachel Singer Gordon and Sarah Nesbitt are mentioned in an article, Market Yourself Online
This is very much an article for librarians.

I spent some time looking at the various aggregator sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, and Link Up.  Simply Hired is the best quality of the aggregators.  The only site that had anything remotely interesting on it was Link Up.  Link Up draws directly from employers websites.  Most of the listing I am seeing are very unappealing.  I also spent some time on the site I Need A Library Job which is easily the best aggregrator for library job listings.  As a note, I contacted I Need A Library Job and found that they use volunteers to compile the listings together and check the listings to see if they are real.

I will probably end up using this information on Wednesday and Thursday to help people look for jobs in the computer lab.

There is a reminder to think of, people hire people, not people hire paper.  There is also an interesting section on electronic portfolios.  I could probably add my resume to this blog and call it an electronic portfolio.  For some people, blogs like this are better than resumes, they tell a lot more about the person than a resume ever could.

I finished reading What Color Is Your Parachute?  Guide to Job Hunting Online, 6th Edition.  It was a very solid overview of the topic.  I think I have a very good idea of what I plan on doing next.

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