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Daily Thoughts 02/27/2012

Lendo O Estado, Oscar Pereira da Silva

Daily Thoughts 02/27/2012

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the library.  I also spent a few minutes on findings. Right now, I am looking at the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) member list.

I am looking at which claims to be a spotify for books.

I am also looking at findings and the settings for the Bookmarklet for my Kindle.

I have been interested in content supersites since 2001 when I first saw an attempt to create a content supersite called Contentville.  Although the idea of Contentville did not succeed, I have been fascinated with the idea of how to create a content supersite for a very long time.  I think about it often.  It is why I am so interested in digital publishing.  I have always wanted to do something with the internet since I worked for the Globix corporation eleven years ago.

I also at one point pondered having a bookstore.  I figured out that this would be a challenging way to live.  I used to hang out at a now defunct science fiction bookstore for a while.  Bookstores fascinate me almost as much as libraries.

It is nothing new for me.  It has been a steady interest.  I have been pondering the New York University publishing program for almost as long.  I took the introduction to publishing course eight years ago. Sheree Bykofsky of Sheree Bykofsky Associates was the teacher.  I keep on going back to the subject.  I have always been a little fascinated by publishing.  I am feeling a little more motivated by the program.

I visited New Work City  today.  I am interested in the programs that happen there.  For a while Pearson was a sponsor for the coworking space. That ended a while ago.  Recently, they had  there. There are some people in the publishing and apps space there.

While I was at Book2Camp, I recognized a number of organizations, Digital Book World, Tools of Change for Publishing, and Library Journal all of whom are involved in the book world.

I also stopped by General Assembly  and asked about tours.  They do tours of the facility on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:00 p.m.

I also had a chance to walk around the city. I walked past the Strand Bookstore and went to Roger's Time Machine for a bit to look at comics.

Part of visiting these places is a sense of keeping my hand in with what I did previously.  I very much like working with the internet, books, and publishing just as much as librarianship.

I like the idea of entrepreneurship and small business.  It is interesting to me.  There is a certain magic in risk and taking risks.  At the same time, I like librarianship.

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