Monday, May 6, 2013

Daily Thoughts 05/06/2013

Attributes of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, 1769, Anne Vallayer-Coster

Daily Thoughts 05/06/2013

I spent some time checking the library Twitter and Facebook page this morning.  I also checked the displays.

I spent a little more time getting the classes for Powerpoint and Excel ready as well.

Random House sent me a copy of Paris by Edward Rutherford which I won in a contest.  It is on the New York Times Bestseller list.  Also a copy of The New Digital Age Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Business by Erich Schmidt and Jared Cohen came in for me to read, it is on the New York Times Bestseller list.  I have a copy of the New York Times Bestseller List to read.

I checked the purchase alerts, the Publishers Weekly Bestsellers, the New York Times Bestsellers, and a few other sources and placed some orders today.

I did my monthly report for April.  I try and summarize my reports in a single page.  I also took some time to do a bit of weeding in the 900s.

Things have been very busy.  I have to update the Bookletters page.

On the way home, I read some of The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen.  The introduction focuses on how new the internet is and how fast it is spreading.  The authors predict that almost all of the people on the globe will have an internet connection.  They attribute this to cell phones and similar devices.

I also took a break to think about things.  I have to plan a little more.

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