Friday, May 10, 2013

Daily Thoughts 05/10/2013

Henry Fuseli, Woman Reading, Seated Before a Window, 1805

Daily Thoughts 05/10/2013

This morning, I finished reading Mission to Mars by Buzz Aldrin on the way to work.  There is a section on Aldrin Mars Cycler which is based on using gravity to create oblong flight paths between objects like Mars and Earth.  I also liked the ending section which has appendix describing the space policy of each of the presidents.  This book is very much a popular science title supporting the idea of making a trip to Mars and building a strong United States space program.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library last night.  I also checked the displays.  We had a management meeting this morning to discuss different issues like library cards, customer service, computer classes, changing the cybercorner, and similar activities.  I have to work on updating the brochure describing the adult library services.

I spent some time updating the services listed in the services brochure focusing on databases and electronic resources.  I have to write a few bookmarks for the Adult Summer Reading Program.

The book, Give and Take A Revolutionary Approach to Success by Adam Grant came in for me to read.  I am having a few social tea biscuits and a cup of green tea at the end of the day.  As always, I have more books than I can read.

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