Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daily Thoughts 05/11/2013

Portait of a Man Reading, Hans Memling, 1485

Daily Thoughts 05/11/2013

I spent a little time looking at social media this morning.  Last night, I read some of The New Digital Age.
There was quite a bit on how cell phones are changing the world and that eventually smart phones will change the world even more in the third world.  The book could have used some illustrations and charts especially when they were writing about new technology.

I also spent a little time on thinking about what a vote would mean for the library for its budget and its board members.

A Pinterest Page labeled Reading in Art.

Web Bits

More Data Please! President Obama signs Open Data Executive Order and Releases Open Data Policy

Microsoft May Be Willing to Take Nook off Barnes and Nobles Hands for $1 Billion

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