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Daily Thoughts 04/13/2018

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Brooklyn Public Library (Ingersoll Memorial), Prospect Park Plaza, New York. General view from Park Plaza, January 13, 1941, This work is from Gottscho-Schleisner Collection at the Library of Congress, According to the Library there are no known copyright restrictions on the use of this work. Images in this collection have been placed in the public domain by the heirs of the photographers

Daily Thoughts 04/13/2018

This morning on the way to the conference, I read some more of Enlightenment Now.  I am almost done reading the book.  I am reading about science and reason and why they are an important component of the western enlightenment.

The night before, I finished reading Monet Itinerant of Light by Salva Rubio and Ricard Efa.  I found the story of Monet's life to be tragic.  It was a hard life that ended well.  The graphic novel has a painted quality to it.  In the back of the book there are is a systematic description of how the graphic novelist took many of Monet's paintings and used them as images inside the graphic novel.  This gives the graphic novel a feeling similar to a long impressionist painting.  It is a very beautiful and interesting book to look at.  The book is an oversize, quarto book.

I went to the Urban Librarians Unite conference today in Brooklyn.  The theme was Library Revolution.  Things have become very gentrified since the last time I was in Prospect Park.  There are a lot of little restaurants and stores that are very nice around the library.

I picked up a hat that said Make Publishing Great Again from Melville House publishers.

I have to sit down and write about the conference.  I am going to turn my visit into a report tomorrow.

I met with a few people from the conference.  I had a rather nice lunch with a colleague who is an academic librarian working on becoming tenured.  It sounds like a much different, much harder world to be in.  He has written five academic journal articles in preparation for applying for tenure.

It takes time to write these kinds of summaries.  There is quite a bit to look at and think about.

I picked up a copy of a galley for habeas data Privacy vs. the rise of Surveillance Tech by Cyrus Farivar.

I will write up my summary on the way to work tomorrow.

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