Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MBA In A Day-- Steven Stalser Ph.D. -- Review

MBA In A Day by Steven Stralser, Ph.D. served its purpose for me. It gave me an outline of the management functions of an MBA.

Each chaptered covers a specific aspect of business management. There are a wide variety of subjects covered, human resources, organizational behavior, leadership and team building, ethics, negotiation, accounting and finance and many other subjects. At the end of each chapter there was a short bibliography of recommended reading.

The chapters contained many definitions of business theories. I found the section on leadership styles covering autocratic, democratic, laissez faire, transactional, and transformational leadership to be interesting. I think the new director would like to turn the library into a "high performance organization." The section on Quality Management was also quite enlightening.

The main complaint I have about this book is I thought that it did a rather weak presentation of the internet and ecommerce as well as management information systems function. It seemed to be limited in its coverage.

This book is useful if you want to understand what an MBA does. It gives an outline of the different functions of business administration as well as basic definitions of the central ideas behind current business management.

There is nothing new or exciting in this book. It was written in 2004. It is more of a practical book than anything else. There is an index and some pages have black and white diagrams. The book is well laid out, making it easy to follow. It is clearly written for a professional like a lawyer, doctor, or small business owner.

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