Monday, May 26, 2008

Morning Thoughts

I have started reading MBA In A Day by Steven Stralser, Ph.D.. It really can't teach you how to be an MBA in a day. I've figured this out. It appears to be an outline of all the different mangement functions which an MBA might do in an organization. The descriptions are brief and to the point. I have been able to follow the writing pretty closely.

I sometimes like to read the Avon Romance Blog. I think Avon Romance as a company is quite innovative. They are on Entrecard. There is no other publisher trying out Entrecard. I think they can often be more savvy than other publishers concerning what people want to read. They are also doing a much better job with the concept of social networking than many other publishers if you look at their blog closely. Romance is after all the most popular fiction genre.

I was looking at a title on their blog, One Foot In The Grave, it looks quite interesting. I think they are doing a really good design with the way they present their blog. The blog also feeds into the authors website which is just as interesting to look at. I may suggest the title for purchase.

On another note, I have been having some trouble with Technorati. About six days ago, I lost all my fans. I also could not add or look at my favorites. They gave me back my fans. I have twenty seven of them right now. However, they have not restarted the favorite function for me. It has been six days. They claim that it is due to technical difficulties. I have been thinking about whether or not to end my service with them or switch to another service. My rating is still going up. I am not worried if they ask me to leave, my service has been effectively terminated.


jenn said...

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Miss Mae said...

I don't know anything about Technorati, and I barely know anything about Blog Catalog, so I'm sorry I can't recommend anything. But I've been hesitant to go with Tech, as I couldn't understand it. The same with Digg. I've signed up there, but I'm pretty much lost.

Interesting the comments you made about the Avon blog. Perhaps I should make mention of that to my own romance publisher!


Book Calendar said...

Miss Mae, Blogcatalog has proven to be quite useful for promotion. I don't know much about Digg though. I would stick with Blogcatalog.

Book Calendar said...

I don't mind it was kind of entertaining kind of a mix of a fairly tale and a pun.