Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morning Haiku

Basho By Hokusai (Public Domain Image)

mirrored pool of water
a stone drops quickly downward
round rings wave outward

full clear windy blue sky
seagull spreads white wings wide
dot in the distance

wind blows
cool gentle
spring kiss

These are my first attempts as I understand it. The first two are 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable style poems which is the way most westerners approximate haiku. The other is an attempt to get the feeling of a seasonal effect. I am not sure if this is correct at all. I am about halfway through The Haiku Handbook. It has been interesting so far.

I finished reading The Haiku Handbook while I was sitting on the train. I attempted a few more on the way in.

windmills bloom flowers
their blades spinning in the breeze
air becoming electric

paddling in a boat
swimming in a wide river
cool breeze over water

sweet honey and lemon tea
pours down throat liquid golden
warmth in the morning

The Haiku Handbook makes me want to read Basho's Narrow Roads to the Interior. I enjoyed reading it. Maybe it helped me write something worth reading.


Da Old Man said...
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Da Old Man said...

I don't know all the rules of haiku either, but I like what you've written. If the haiku police show up, just tell them you know me. It won't help, but may confuse them enough for you to get away.

You could do it in haiku:

Hey Haiku police
Crotchety Old man says Yo
I will run away

Had to delete previous haiku because I counted wrong. Should be in proper form now. : )