Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thoughts For Today

I have been thinking about poetry this Saturday. I have not read any books on poetics for a while and think I need a refresher. I may start with a young adult book on poetics. Sometimes books written for teenagers are cleaner and easier to understand than adult books. This is especially true for books with technical topics like photography, carpentry, electronics and similar things.

Right now, I am looking at A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver. It looks like something which will be short and easy to follow. I just need to go over the basics. There is also a Scholastic book upstairs which I will look at again. Sometimes, the simple things are best. The young adult book which I am looking at is Scholastic Guides How To Write Poetry by Paul B. Janeczko.

I spent a little bit of time on Facebook this morning and added another application. This one was for causes. I added little pictures symbolizing alternative energy, banned books, and wikimedia. I really do like Wikimedia. I get a lot of images from it.

One of the books I requested came in, When The Tide Rises by David Drake. It is a new Baen books hardcover, part of the Lieutenant Leary Commanding series.

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Anonymous said...

I'll look into the Poetry Handbook on my next Borders trip.
I've never tried Facebook, but a lot of folks seem to be having a blast with it.
I tried My Space a while back, but got too much crazy mail.