Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thoughts for Today

On Friday, May 9, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. , I will attending the Westchester Library Association conference. http://www.westchesterlibraryassociation.org/Registration.pdf

I plan on attending the sections:

A) May I please blow up this reference desk?

This session is already causing some interesting reactions and consternation at work. To say it mildly, my attending this session should be quite controversial. I think it is about social and cultural changes which are affecting reference. There might be a dose of 'multicultural' style thinking.

H) From dress casual to eye candy: Outfitting our libraries for online social networking.

This also should shake things up a bit. It might make me a bit on the sharp end of things at work as well. There is nothing quite like taking a little bit of risk. I am afraid, I can't stick my head in the sand this time. I might get blindsided.

In a way, I am looking forward to this. It will be a challenge to my way of thinking. I will be thinking on how to both refute and support the points being made. Also, with the social networking, much of it is very nonsensical. I am hoping that people use some common sense with this kind of thing.

Today was a busy day. I mostly made sure a lot of the things in reference were in order. I ordered some law books, made some suggestions for new law titles, checked the new books and other every day tasks.

I have been reading a little bit more of The Reader Over Your Shoulder by Robert Graves and Alan Hodge. Reading this book is like eating bread putting, it is slow to chew, and takes a long time to digest. I think I can handle about thirty to forty pages at a sitting. It will take a while for me to read this book.

I tried reading Harald by David Friedman, but I could not get into it. It is a middling medieval fantasy, not great not bad, but it just could not capture my attention.

I also have read a few pages of V.S. Naipaul, A Writer's People Ways of Looking and Feeling which so far is enjoyable reading. It is a memoir of Naipaul's life as a writer. Maybe I am reading too much at once.

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