Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thoughts For The Day

A Victorian era Penny Dreadful. Precursor to the idea for modern steampunk.

Today has been quite slow. I have been more revising of the reference area. I went into the storage stacks and did some checking of the old reference books for items to discard. I also took someone's reference desk shifts because they called out with some personal thing or other.

I am almost done reading Common Wealth, Economics for a Crowded Planet. It will take me a while to put together a review for the book. There is a lot to comment on.

Steampunk edited by Ann & Jeff Vandermeer is finished processing so I can take it out. There are a lot of really good science fiction short story authors, Neal Stephenson, Joe R. Lansdale, Michael Moorcock, and Mary Gentle are among the authors contributing short stories. There are even a few bibliographies of recommended works.

I can say my favorite steampunk story is not a book, but a rather interesting graphic novel called The Adventures of Luther Arkwright written by Bryan Talbot. It is an apocalyptic science fiction stories written in a parallel universe in the New Wave style. The story even has its own Wikipedia entry:
This is a wild adventure story written in a style reminiscent of Michael Moorcock at his best.

Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero by Jim C. Hines came in and were added to the young adult fantasy collection.


Jena Isle said...

I always admire people who can find time to read. I love reading too, but time is essential to be able to do so and sometimes I don't have ample time for it. Like now, I am blogging and preparing an exam simultaneously...(grins). talk about double tasking... I wish I could also have your fervor for books...Wonderful site..hey we have the same theme, only different colors..Happy blogging.

Book Calendar said...

Reading in a way is my profession. I have to be able to advise people on what to read all the time. This means, I often have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of what is available for people to read. People ask me where certain books are everyday and what they should be reading. If I can't recommend certain things to read during my job, in a way, I have not done right. This even covers things which I don't like to read.