Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daily Thoughts 05/26/2013

Vincent Van Gogh - Gauguin`s Chair In Arles With Books And Candle, 1888

Daily Thoughts 05/26/2013

I have been reading about collaborative publishing lately.  I am finding some of the ideas quite interesting.  Microsoft and Adobe now allow people to work simultaneously on the same document.  Although not immediately obvious, this will have a big impact on the publishing process.  There are also features in Microsoft Office that will allow people to merge documents together from the different applications.

I read some more of Big Data today.  The authors do an excellently job going over privacy issues.  Everything which we do is tracked by both corporations and governments.  This is usually very granular.  Amazon wants to know what you buy, AT&T might want to know when you make phone calls, Netflix might want to know what movies you watch.  There is a reminder that we should not just give away our information too freely.  I learned there are ways to identify people simply by knowing what you like.

This afternoon, I stopped by Barnes and Noble and looked around for a little bit.  I noticed that there is a lot more backlist material than before.  Some of the summer reads were perennial classics like 1984 and the Great Gatsby.  There were still most of the bestsellers featured near the front of the store.

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