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Daily Thoughts 05/30/2013

Portrait of Edmond Maitre, (The Reader), 1871   Pierre Auguste Renoir

Daily Thoughts 05/30/2013

I was at Day of Dialog Between Libraries and Publishers all day to day.  I also spent some time picking up sample books which we plan on reviewing or adding to the collection.  There was quite a lot of material this time.  I usually set a few of the books aside for myself.  I am looking forward to reading Max Barry's Lexicon as well as a book on ebooks and a book on big data.  The vendors were good this time.  I spent some time talking to Penguin books, Baker and Taylor, Midwest Tape, Overdrive, and a few others.  I have two bags of books to sort through.

I just got back and spent a little time checking Facebook and Twitter for the library and going through various emails.  I went to Day of Dialog on library time so I am spending a little time checking the email reference from home and forwarding things to various people.

I have a notebook full of notes about the event to sort through and rewrite.  I also collected some business cards and gave out the new business card I have from the library.  I have to contact a few people about some outside projects.  I saw people I recognize from Library Journal, Brooklyn Public Library, and the New York Librarians Meetup.  I was a bit tired today.  I just listened mainly.

The lunch was nice this time.  I always pick the vegetarian lunch at conferences because I am not sure about where the meat comes from.  I had several cups of coffee.  I spoke to a collections librarian from SUNY Albany.  It was interesting.

The new director of the Mount Vernon Public Library went to the Library Journal Day of Dialog as well.

I sat and listened most of the day to various talks about different books.  I will be sorting through my notes tonight.  I also will spend a little time catching up on my online reading.  I took a break from library things on Monday and Tuesday.

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Today was the Book Expo America kick off.

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