Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daily Thoughts 05/27/2015

Artist: Kyoto Kano School, Scenes from the Tale of Genji, 1625-1650
Daily Thoughts 05/27/2015

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.  I am going to Day of Dialog between librarians and publishers today followed by the American Association of Publishers Adult Librarian dinner at the Yale Club.  It should be interesting.

I got to Day of Dialog early.  It was mostly interesting.  I got to visit with different vendors. I spoke to Ingram about ordering African American fiction and nonfiction as well as Latin American and Latino fiction.  I learned that Freegal's movie subscription is not based on selling individual films, but on a license for three hours a day of use for each user.

I collected a lot of books for the library which I put aside when I got home tonight.  I also picked up some CD Audiobooks and some MP3 Audiobooks.  I am going to be collecting a lot more books.

I also picked up some galleys which I had signed for my own reading, We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh coming out on August 18, 2015 who is the author of The Language of Flowers, Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reiches which is coming out on July 21, 2015  which is a forensic mystery, Charles Todd A Pattern of Lies which is due out in August 2015, Ernest Cline Armada which is due out in July of 2015.  I rather liked Ready Player One.  I am currently reading a nonfiction book called Crack99 The Takedown of a $100 Million Chinese Software Pirate by David Locke Hall.  This story is a mix of high technology computer software, legal and political wrangling, police work, computer cracking, and upright nationalism.

There are a lot of notes for me to go through.  It will take me some time to write up some of the things which I saw.  There was a little bit on Bookface which is on twitter.  There was also some discussion of cookbook clubs.  I got home fairly late tonight.

Last year, I was looking at a way to combine Sharepoint with Quark, Please Tech  or similar software to create a publishing network.  The idea is there, not fully fleshed out.  I had seen other companies create collaborative networks for writing like which used the .net framework from Microsoft. is now out of business.  Something told me to stop last year.   It nags at me a bit.   I spent some time looking around the digital part of Book Expo America to learn what would be possible last year.  There are some very interesting possibilities with different types of media; photo albums, graphic novels, photo books, enhanced e-books and similar things.

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In a Digital Chapter, Paper Notebooks are as Relevant as Ever

Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?

64.9% chance for librarians.  Yes it will eventually have large parts of it done by machines

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