Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily Thoughts 11/10/2015

File:The Chap-Book No. 5, the pipes, advertising poster, 1895.jpg
The Chap-Book, No. 5: The pipes. Head and bare shoulders of young woman holding musical pipes in shrubbery., 1895

Daily Thoughts 11/10/2015

On the way to work, I read some more of Superforecasting.  I am reading about why the experts don't always get it right.  I am also reading about why some things are easier to forecast than others.

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I read a copy of The New York Times Book Review and the New York Review of Books.  I spent a little time working on an order of books for next week.

I checked the gift books and the displays today.  I also spent some time talking to Better World Books.

I wrote the monthly report for my department.

The crochet class was today from 2:00 p.m.to 3:30 p.m. in the fiction room.

Tomorrow is a holiday, Veterans Day.

There are two computers classes tonight, A Fundamentals of Computers class and a Beginning Microsoft Word class.

I read some more of Superforecasting on the way home.  I am reading about how language is used in probability.  For example, people say something is likely to happen, not likely to happen, or probably will happen.  There are questions on what this means in terms of percentages.  Is the word associated with 50%, 70%, 10%.  There are examples where people use language instead of percentages with bad results.

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