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Daily Thoughts 11/15/2015

Daily Thoughts 11/15/2015

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

The World Brain

There were other attempts to create a universal library before the internet.  Vannevar Bush who came up with the idea of hypertext suggested a machine called a Memex could be built.

One of the articles Vannevar Bush is famous for is "As We May Think."


The legal issue with scanning books by Google has ended.  This means the scanning part can continue.

Google's Book Scanning Project Is Legal, U.S. Appeals Court Says

The second part which is the building of algorithms and artificial intelligence to search books by Google has also changed.  Recently Google made its machine learning code open source.  Microsoft soon followed suit.

Microsoft Open Sources Machine Learning Toolkit Less Than A Week After Google

Algorithms are already being used to make book recommendations.  Amazon does this with its bookselling.  Amazon also owns Goodreads.

This is a comparison article between librarians recommendations and Goodread recommendations.
What Book Should You Read Next? Putting Librarians and Algorithms to the Test

Amazon recently opened a bookstore.  They are using shelf cards to describe each book as well as the recommendation algorithms to choose which books go into their new store.

When is a Bookstore Not a Bookstore, A Librarian's Take on the Amazon Store


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