Monday, March 24, 2008

Kahlil Gibran Poem, The Forerunner, Love, Morning Thoughts

Kahlil Gibran

I checked to see if some of Kahlil Gibran's work is in the public domain. There are a few things. Most are still under copyright. This is not. I am currently reading Kahlil Gibran's collected works. It will take me quite a bit of time to read his poetry. I won't do it all at once. I will read his poetry while reading other things. Poetry is often one of those things which is best approached in snippets and read over time.

From The Forerunner,


They say the jackal and the mole
Drink from the self-same stream
Where the lion comes to drink.

And they say the eagle and the vulture
Dig their beaks into the same carcass,
And are at peace, one with the other,
In the presence of the dead thing.

O love, whose lordly hand
Has bridled my desires,
And raised my hunger and my thirst
To dignity and pride,
Let not the strong in me and the constant
Eat the bread or drink the wine
That tempt my weaker self.
Let me rather starve,
And let my heart parch with thirst,
And let me die and perish,
Ere I stretch my hand
To a cup you did not fill,
Or a bowl you did not bless.


J. C. said...

A great poem, I am also Gibran's fan, thanks for sharing this. Great blog!

Unknown said...

greetings from Mumbai, India.

I am an entrepreneur here in mumbai and am in the media business. I chanced upon your blog, when checking how much of gibran's work is in public domain.
further, reading that you are a librarian and in love with books
:-), I thought of sending you this post. my objective ... looking for someone who can give me a olist of books in public domain, which we (you & I .. a company) can sell to publishing houses and also for the creation of audio books as i own my own recording studios.
do mail me if interested .