Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thoughts for Today

I've been reading a little bit more Kahlil Gibran. I especially like Kahlil Gibran's book Sand And Foam A Book of Aphorisms. But, then I really like sayings. It is why my favorite part of the bible is proverbs, and one of my favorite classical writers is Aesop.

I put a few books on copywriting on hold, Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman, Power Sales Words How To Write It, Say It, and Sell It With Sizzle by Vicky Oliver, and Copywriting by Jonathan Gabay. I am looking forward to the Adweek book. Adweek is a major magazine about advertising.

I think a lot of blogs are examples of syndicated copywriting. An attempt to sell a product in a syndicated manner. However, most fail because they have little or no idea on how to advertise or sell a product of any kind. I am hoping my blog will improve considerably if I learn a little bit about how to do copywriting.

A new book came in for me today, Matter by Iain Banks, a part of the Culture series. It is excellent science fiction.

This morning, I was looking at the Librarian's Yellowpages http://www.librarybuyersguide.com/index.html It is basically a giant buying guide for libraries. If you need bookshelves, carts, and other products, it is a place to pick out companies to visit their websites. I actually prefer to look at catalogs online from publishers. It is much easier than receiving catalogs through the mail. I was looking at the showcase in Library Journal of online book catalogs http://www.libraryjournal.com/catalog.html . I might go through a few of the newer listings and see if there is anything which I can suggest for reference.

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