Sunday, March 30, 2008

Metatags, Wallace and Gromit, American Gods Neil Gaiman Ebook

Last night, I added metatags to the head of this blog. This required me to go into the blog and put them in myself. Blogger does not include metatags as part of its normal service. This should improve the chance for search engines to find this blog. I did both a description and keywords. Often, you have to do minor changes to the CSS of blogger to make the blog workable. Metatags are part of search engine optimization. They are not a visible part of this blog.

I also watched Wallace and Gromit yesterday. I really like them. They are a form of claymation. If you want something amusing to watch check out their website . The websites has a lot of their animated shorts on it.

I also put the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, a claymation film done in 2006 on hold. This is also available as a graphic novel. The claymation is very British with lots of Rube Goldberg type contraptions. I really like the animated short, "The Wrong Trousers."

For some reason, I could not get myself to read The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton. It is another giant science fiction book. Maybe, I need to find something a bit shorter.

I was looking at the internet and found something rather interesting. Harper Collins is making a free browsable version of American Gods by Neil Gaiman available online. You still have to buy it if you want to see it offline.

I guess today has been quite eclectic covering a variety of subjects.


Anonymous said...

I actually read all of "American Gods" online earlier this month and wrote a review of it on my own blog. I think it's supposed to stop being available by the end of this month though since I read on Neil Gaiman's blog that this is just a one month thing to promote his upcoming new book.

ibpurpledragon said...

Thanks, had not even considered metatags until I read your blog.
Good idea.

Book Calendar said...

Thanks for letting me know that it is only for one month. There are a lot of good free books on the web. I mentioned a few in my earlier blog posts. There is the Baen Free Library, some of Cory Doctorow's books, and a few of Charles Stross's books.