Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/16/2010 (Zero History)

Bookplate of American painter and illustrator Edward Penfield (1866-1925)

Daily Thoughts 9/16/2010

I finished reading Rework last night and started reading Zero History by William Gibson.  William Gibson is using very ornate descriptions of the characters surroundings.  He is trying to create a bohemian or avant garde feel to the book.

This morning I checked the displays and updated the current events display with books on topics from the news; North Korea, hurricanes, China, foreclosures, Afghanistan, finance, automobiles, and Apple.  The only good news these days seems to come from the electronic gadgets like Ipad.  We are planning to do a display on a local jazz musician at the end of the month.

I also was asked to look up business websites.  There are a few which are quite good, is a site which is a fairly comprehensive view of how to build a business plan.   Also, I read Yahoo! Finance sometimes to find out about stocks.

My trip home was extra long tonight.  There was a storm and possible tornado this evening in New York.  I got to sit in the station for an extra hour and read my book Zero History.  I have learned to wait until the train starts moving and ignore the garbled announcements.  I am almost half way though the book. I rather like Milgrim the main character.  He is quite observant.

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