Monday, September 6, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/6/2010 (Eric Drooker, Brooklyn Book Festival)

Books are weapons [graphic] : Read about... "The negro in national defense," "Africa and the war," [and] "Negro history and culture" at the Schomburg Collection of the New York Public Library / J.P. NYC WPA War Services, [between 1941 and 1943] .  I found the image interesting.
Daily Thoughts 9/6/2010

Happy Labor Day.
I found my review on  the Undress for Success website.  I am happy with the way they attributed the review.  This is the meaning of creative commons attribution.  It means that people will acknowledge your content in exchange for its use. 

I also added some more book reviews to the reviews section.  I just finished October of 2008.

I have decided not to review Daniel Silva, The Defector.  I do not review everything that I read.

I will be going to the Librarians Breakfast at the Brooklyn Historical Society for the Brooklyn Book Festival. It is on Sunday, September 12, 2010. .  I found out about it from the New York Librarians Meetup.

Yesterday, while I was at Barnes and Noble, I found a newly released graphic novel Howl! written by Allen Ginsberg and Illustrated by Erick Drooker.  It is definitely for adults.  Allen Ginsberg did another illustrated book with Eric Drooker called Illuminated Poems.  Eric Drooker also did two wordless graphic novels Flood! A Novel In Pictures and Blood Song A Silent Ballad.  Some of the content can be mature.  

I spent some time looking at the Librarians Yellow Pages.  Harper Collins has an interesting blog for libraries. It is called The Library Love Fest Blog. 

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