Friday, June 1, 2012

Daily Thoughts 06/01/2012

In the gallery of reading room, Congressional. Library Photograph showing portrait statues of Moses by Charles Henry Niehaus and Isaac Newton by Cyrus E. Dallin on balustrades in main reading room. Date Created/Published: 1900.
Daily Thoughts 06/01/2012

Last night at NY Cultural Tech was very different.  A lot of it was about museums and archives.  Some of the technology was incredible.  I am still thinking about some of the things I saw.

On the way home, I finished reading Alexander Pope's translation of Ulysses on the Kindle Touch.  The ending of the story where Ulysses slaughters the suitors for Penelope's hand is very bloody.   I am thinking about reading the Aenaeid by Virgil.

I found another ebook sharing platform called Jellybooks  It seems to be very easy to  use.

I spent some time this morning looking at Publishers Weekly guide to Book Expo America.  I am wriitng where I plan to visit.

There is a book by Deborah Ng called Online Community Management for Dummies published by Wiley which I am hoping to get at Book Expo America.  Online community management is an emerging title at many large companies.  With huge numbers of followers or very large social sites, it becomes necessary to have a person manage the social parts of a website. 

I spent a little bit more time on Codecademy learning Javascript today as well as watching the training video on Javascript.  I am getting pieces of what I am watching, not all of it.

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