Friday, June 15, 2012

Daily Thoughts 06/15/2012

Woodblock print, about 1768, Suzuki Harunobu V&A Museum no. E.1053-1963
Daily Thoughts 06/15/2012

This morning, I read some more of The Founder's Dilemma.  I am reading about the changing roles that occur when a start up starts to expand beyond the original core group of people.  Roles change as well as titles.  Not everyone gets to keep their original title.

I also checked the Twitter and Facebook account for the library, the displays, and the gifts.  I did a little bit of inventory in the mezzanine as well. I also spent a little bit of time thinking about Summer Reading for Adults .  There is a Children's Summer Reading, Adult Summer Reading, and Young Adult Summer Reading program at our library.

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