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Daily Thoughts 06/27/2012

Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1861, Women 14

Daily Thoughts 06/27/2012

I took a break from reading and thinking about libraries on Tuesday.  This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library.  I think I am going to buy The Complete Idiots Guide to Creating a Social Network by Angela Crocker.

I went to the local bookstore today and bought The Complete Idiots Guide to Creating a Social Netowrk by  Angela Crocker.  I also bought The Age of Odin by James Lovegrove.  I am looking forward to reading this.

I decided to change my plans and not go to General Assembly or the Data Meetup and stay at home and rest. I also started reading The Age of Odin.  I like that the main character, Gideon Coxall is a doubter in a land of mythological gods.  It adds a nice touch to the story.

I went to my local library this afternoon.  I used the computer at the library and I downloaded a copy of The Age of Anansi which is a novella over the libraries wireless network to my Kindle.  I don't have wireless at home which is fine for me.  It cost me $3.49 for the novella.  Novellas are not usually sold in bookstores and are sometimes hard to find in libraries.

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Authors Guild Sees Return of Predatory Pricing if DOJ Deal Stands
This article says a lot of important things both about the book industry and Amazon which are not flattering.

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