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Daily Thoughts 06/25/2012

Ballbüchlein; Gold, Perlmutt, Elfenbein, Edelsteine; Pierre Aldebert Griot, Berlin 1750–1760

Daily Thoughts 06/25/2012

I do what I usually do.  I checked my email, looked at Library Journal online, Publishers Weekly online, and LIS News.  I also am looking through Locus Online and SF Site.

This afternoon, I finished reading The $100 Startup.  The book is mainly focused on the concept of bootstrapping. It is also focused on people who want an independent lifestyle focused around small business.  Chris Guillebeau describes peoples decision to grow businesses to the size they feel comfortable with, choose their own preferred business form, and not be afraid of failure.  I liked reading this book, it is quite inspirational. There is a companion website to the book at

This afternoon, I had a chance to go to Barnes and Noble and look around at different books.  I bought a copy of The Age of Aztec by James Lovegrove.  I like the mythological theme of the series.  The book just came out in 2012.  It cost $8.99 for a mass market paperback.  Books are getting more expensive.
I stayed up late reading tonight and finished reading The Age of Aztec which had a fantastic ending. It is mix of alternate history and science fiction. There were all sorts of things which were fantastic in this novel which made it even better than the other books, The Age of Ra and The Age of Zeus. This is a far better novel. There are references to the end of an age in 2012 according to the Mayan and Aztec Calendar, the famed Chariots of the Gods by Erik Van Daniken, super science, Mayan and Aztec mythology, and Aztec warrior culture. The mix makes for a potent story filled with constant action.
There is another book which I have not read in the series, The Age of Odin, and a novella which is only available on Kindle which is a trickster story, The Age of Anansi.

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