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Daily Thoughts 01/06/2012

Foto del escritor Jorge Luis Borges en el Hôtel des Beaux Arts donde murió Oscar Wilde (llamado entonces Hôtel d´Alsace) y donde quiso morir Borges.

Daily Thoughts 01/06/2012

This morning, I spent a little more time thinking about Big Data.  It is very interesting to me. I also spent a little time looking at social reading.  I rather like a project called Open Utopia.  It strikes a chord in me.

I also checked my social media accounts.  This article on Ray Kurzweil being the new Director of Engineering for Google is rather interesting.

I read some more of How To Create a Mind.  Right now, I am reading about consciousness and whether it is possible for machines to be conscious.  Ray Kurzweil describes the philosophy of emergent consciousness where there are different degrees of consciousness; an ant is conscious, but a dog is a little more conscious, and a human being is more conscious than a dog.  It is interesting.  Maybe Ray Kurzweil will make a conscious search engine which will discuss what we are looking for.  This part of the book is quite philosophical and includes discussions of people like Rene Descartes and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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5 Reasons Being a Librarian is Stressful
This is pretty accurate.  A lot of libraries are going through increasing funding cuts,  which creates job stress and the fear of layoffs.

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