Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daily Thoughts 01/17/2013

Landscapes and Beauties: Feeling Like Reading the Next Volume, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Edo Period, 19th Century Painting

Daily Thoughts 01/71/2013

I read some more of The Case for Mars.  Robert Zubrin is describing how the Mars Direct plan was created.  There is a lot about the politics of NASA and how it ends up costing lots of money because the different engineers want their projects to be funded.  I also read a little more of Librarians As Community Partners.  The authors are describing senior outreach programs.

Web Bits

After 17 Years Education Platform Raises Its First Round of Funding $103 million from Accel Spectrum.
I am hoping that they use some of this funding to enter the library market.  They are doing a trial at the Science Industry and Business Library in Manhattan.

Extracting Value From Uncertain Data
Big Data will soon effect publishing and libraries in a significant way.

Publishers Focus on a Complex Future at Digital Book World

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