Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daily Thoughts 01/20/2013

Ex Libris Biblioteca Central de la Diputatacion Provincial de Barcelona, 1836

Daily Thoughts 01/20/2013

I took a break yesterday.  I have been reading more of The Case for Mars.  Robert Zubrin is describing how to manufacture fuel and oxygen from mars which can be used by the crew of a mars mission.  He also describes what a mars car would be like.  The next chapter is on how to set up a martian colony that would eventually be self sufficient.

I am also reading Librarians As Community Partners.  One of the sections is on contact with the news.  A number of different news institutions cover the Mount Vernon Public Library:  The Mount Vernon Inquirer , The Westchester Journal News , and The Mount Vernon Daily Voice, .  There are occasional opinion pieces and coverage in the New York Times Westchester section.  Also we were recently covered by Mount Vernon Neighbors United on Facebook.  In addition we get occasional coverage from the City of Mount Vernon on Facebook as well as the Westchester Library System on Facebook.

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