Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daily Thoughts 07/02/2013

Still Life, Vase With Flowers in the Window, Paul Gaugin, 1881

Daily Thoughts 07/02/2013

This morning, I checked the Facebook and Twitter for the library.  I also checked the reference email.  I spent a little time checking the displays.

I spent some time looking through lists of lost and missing items focusing on adult nonfiction.  I placed an order for replacements.  A lot of the replacements were focused on job test books, cooking, crafts, algebra, and other popular subjects.

The book, Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier came in for me to read.  I also checked out a slice of life graphic novel, A Chinese Life by Li Kunwu.  Sometimes you come across oddities in the stacks like Captain Kidd and His Skeleton Island  The Discovery of a Strange Secret Hidden for 266 years by Harold T. Wilkins printed in 1937.

We have two computer classes tonight.  The library is closed on July 4, 2013 for Independence Day.  I have a few days off which I am looking forward to.

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