Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daily Thoughts 07/11/2013

Reading, Sergey Solomko, 1895
Daily Thoughts 07/11/2013

This morning I read some more of Who Owns the Future?  Some of the philosophy is interesting.  Jaron Lanier seeks a future where humans are more important than machines.  In his desired view, people, not machines are at the center of things.  This is heartening to me.  Placing machines above people is dangerous.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.  I also checked the displays.  There are a lot of new books coming in.  I spent some time ordering books as well.  Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Robert Greene are very popular authors here.  I picked out another graphic novel to read, Godzilla: The Half-Century War with story and art by James Stokoe.  This was a fun read.  Godzilla fights a variety of creatures including Rhodan, Mothra, and Megalon.  There are also a variety of places including Tokyo, Saigon, Bombay, Ghana, and the Arctic. 

 I am looking forward to reading Ian Fleming: A Biography by Andrew Lycett.

I also spent a bit of time thinking about how to promote the Adult Summer Reading program a little more. We have the computer classes tonight for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

I checked out the book, Social Media Engagement for Dummies by Aliza Sherman and Daniel Elliott Smith.

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