Saturday, February 20, 2016

Daily Thoughts 02/20/2016

Antonio de Pereda y Salgado - The Knight's Dream - WGA17164.jpg
Antonio de Pereda y Salgado, The Knights Dream, January 1, 1650

Daily Thoughts 02/20/2016

I checked library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I am reading Stoned.  Aja Rajen is writing about the Duro which was the first bond.  European bankers would bet that ships would return from the New World to Spain laden with emeralds and other treasures.  In return for shares in the treasure, they would print notes with a seal on them worth a fixed amount with interest.

I started reading Film Programming for Public Libraries by Kati Irons.  I am reading about ratings.  Kati Irons suggests and Kids in Mind as places that rate children's movies.

I watched a short webinar on Webjunction called Winning Library Grants.
ALA Frontline Fundraising Toolkit

I read the latest New York Times Bestseller List and the Publishers Weekly Bestseller list.

Web Bits

Using GIS to Assess Public Libraries

Elena Ferrante 'Anonymity Lets Me Concentrate Exclusively on Writing'

Station North Tool Library offers DIY resources, skills, and a sense of community

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