Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Daily Thoughts 04/04/2017

China Asters, Hat and Book - Paul Gauguin
China Asters, Hat and Book, Paul Gaugin, 1876

Daily Thoughts 04/04/2017

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I read some more of The Collected Essays of James Baldwin on the way to work.  I also read a bit more of New York 2140.  Some of the characters are finance people who do quantitative analysis and trading.

I checked the gift books and the displays.  I also put up a banner which says April is National Poetry Month.  I have another banner ready which says May is National Mental Wellness Month.

I spent some time working on an order for nonfiction today.  Hopefully, we should have a share your story page on the website by Monday.

On the way home, I read some more of New York 2140.  In this story, the sea levels around Manhattan have risen 60 feet.

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