Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Thoughts 9/1/2009

Allegorical Portrait of Dante, 1530

Daily Thoughts 9/1/2009

Today is another day. I am back from vacation. I weeded some of the 800s today mainly in the poetry section. I also worked on updating some of the displays with more current material. I am starting a graphic novel display and a display of oversize art books. I also plan on taking some of our books on Egypt and Africa in the storage area and putting them on display as well. I have a few bookmarks which needed to be updated done. One for graphic novels and the other for inspirational fiction.

I have to catch up on reading some catalogs as well as making sure my orders are together. I am thinking about how to do a graphic novels club as well as pick out some noire films for Sundays. There are the classics; The Thin Man, The Post Man Always Rings Twice, The Maltese Falcon as well as a few others to consider, Stage Fright, Touch of Evil, and The Third Man.

I did not read anything on the way home. Instead I made a to do list of things that need to be done. I have to do some analysis on our current circulation statistics to see which call numbers and authors are going out. I also have to take stock of what I am doing to see if there is any way which I can improve what is being done. I am thinking of the quality cycle of think, then act, then plan on what you have acted on, then do the improvements that need to be done.

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