Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Thoughts 9/9/2009

Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, seen from the Campanile Time, Place: April 2005 Florence (Medici Library)

Daily Thoughts 9/9/2009

Most genres of fiction like mystery have a professional association attached to them, like Mystery Writers of America, , a set of awards, The Edgars , and a bestseller list . This is also true of science fiction and fantasy, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Locus Bestseller List, the Hugo Awards and the Nebula Awards There are many genres of fiction.

Today, I spent some time weeding the literary criticism section. Mainly, I was looking for criticism of authors with little significant work, or obscure criticism on unusual topics. Authors like Hemingway, Hawthorne, Doris Lessing, and Shirley Jackson have considerable bodies of work with literary merit so I leave them be.

Two books came in for me to read, Graphic Novels Now Building, Managing and Marketing A Dynamic Collection by Francisca Goldsmith and Free The Future of A Radical Price by Chris Andersen.

I took a look at the Michael Z. Williamson book Contact With Chaos on the Baen books site. It is a novel of alien first contact.

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