Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Thoughts 9/3/2009

Ken Kesey statue, "The Storyteller", at Broadway and Willamette streets in downtown Eugene, Oregon

Daily Thoughts 9/3/2009

I read some more of Inherent Vice on the way to work. Doc Sportello the main character does not have a whole lot of redeeming qualities. The most interesting quality about him is his love of popular music and his ability to describe things he sees in an incredibly poetic manner. He also likes what he does which is being a detective and smoking a lot. The plot seems almost secondary to the free form descriptions in the novel. The author weaves in a lot of hippie and surfer myths and legends from Los Angeles throughout the story. I was looking at the New York Times Bestsller List, Inherent Vice is currently #8 on the list.

This morning, I put in a display of books from storage. I brought up some books on Egypt and Africa. Many of them were precolonial history of the African Kingdoms.

I have also had a chance to do more weeding. I finished going through the poetry and have started going through the plays. I am finding that some of the books need to be replaced. Right now, I am going to replace a few plays by Lorraine Hansberry and Eugene O'Neill.

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