Monday, September 21, 2009

Daily Thoughts 9/21/2009

The playwright Sophocles.

Daily Thoughts 9/21/2009

I needed a break on Sunday from writing and reading. Somtimes, it just happens that way. I slowed down a bit last week. I'll start picking up again this week.

I read some more of The Whuffie Factor. This book very much ties in with the ideas of Chris Anderson in his book Free. It is about social capital or the amount of ties you can build with other people specifically through things like Facebook, Myspace, and other internet resources.

Social capital is more than just the internet; the book describes how social capital moves from the internet to the real world like workspaces listed on internet sites, and concerts promted through the web. There is a description of how a musician or other person who produces digital material might make money not from the original music online which would mostly be free, but from concerts, t shirts, appearances, and related merchandise. It is quite interesting.

Today has been interesting. I took some time to update the display of graphic novels and make sure the "new arrivals" section was in order. I also tried to find some books on military medals, patches, and insignia. These books are quite expensive. One of our regular patrons asked for them.

There is a graphic novel I am intersted in reading, The United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation written by Jonathan Hennessey, art by Aaaron McConnell. This graphic novel is by the publishing imprint Hill and Wang. Hill and Wang is an imprint of Farrar, Strauss, and Giraux recently published the official graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. It looks like they may be publishing some very good literary comics.

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