Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daily Thoughts 3/13/2011 (The Accidental Taxonomist)

Building of the printing & publishing house of František Šimáček (1834 - 1885) with the offices of Světozor magazine in Jeruzalemská Street, Prague. Published as a part of celebrations of the 1000th issue of the named magazine, 10 September 1886, Josef Mukarovsky

Daily Thoughts 3/13/2011

I have been reading more of The Accidental Taxonomist.  It is an excellent reminder that automatic indexing progras and automatic taxonomy generators don't work by themselves.  People still need to check all the data to make sure it is clean and appropriate.  The book also reminds me that people still often start their taxonomies using microsoft excel and access and draw their category maps using mind mapping, not necessarily complex programs to start.

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