Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Thoughts 03/26/2012

Perspectiva Literaria by Johannes Lencker, Cover

Daily Thoughts 03/26/2012

I read a little bit more of The Consent of the Networked.  There is quite a bit on copyright.  Copyright apparently can be used as a tool of censorship by governments to go after organizations.  China and Russia have been known to look for copyright infringements by dissident organizations.  I am also reading about how Google and Amazon censor some of the content on their networks.  Germany has different laws about nudity and sexuality than the United States so there have been some issues around content with Apple.

I also watched some more training videos on focused on resume writing, time management, and Dreamweaver CS5.  It will take me a while to finish these.  This is a way for me to steadily improve my skills.

I read some more of No Shelf Required 2.  I am reading about preservation of digital books.  This often comes into conflict with digital rights management as well as the idea that with some e-books the person does not own the rights they are only borrowing the item.

I spent some more time relaxing today.

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Vook would allow people to produce enhanced e-books with video and audio embedded in them.

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