Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/12/2012

Theo van Rysselberghe (1862-1926), A Reading by Emile Verhaeren (1901)
Daily Thoughts 05/12/2012

I read some more of Steve Jobs this morning.  There is a little bit about the agency model for Ibooks.  The basic rule is that Apple gets 30% of whatever the publisher chooses to charge for a book.  The publisher determines the price not Apple.  It was interesting reading about how Apple worked with the New York Times and the different newspapers to put their material on the Ipad.

I also checked my Facebook account and spent some time watching a video on Project Management on  Some of the CSS exercises have gotten very difficult on Codecademy.  I am going to try and figure out some more tomorrow.

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The second part that approximately 60% of graduating library school students find a job is challenging.

Maurice Sendak An Appreciation

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